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Healthcare Imaging Services

Healthcare Imaging Services currently operates over 140 imaging centres in Australia, performing more than 2.2 million examinations annually. Helping many Australians on their journey to a healthier life, our dedicated doctors, technical, nursing and administrative healthcare professionals are working to achieve health outcomes to make a positive difference to our patients.

The ability to see inside the human body is becoming very advanced with technical developments in diagnostic imaging opening up a new realm of possibilities for detecting and treating diseases. Healthcare Imaging Services offer patients a full suite of modalities including X-ray, ultrasound, multi-slice CT, nuclear medicine, MRI, interventional radiology, mammography, women's health, cardiac, neurology, vascular and musculoskeletal imaging.

Healthcare Imaging Services provide quality, affordable and accessible imaging in fit-for-purpose imaging centres located in public and private hospitals, community locations and in multi-disciplinary medical centres.