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Medicare Rebate For PIP Breast Implant Scans Approved

Australian women with Poly Implant Proth├Ęse (PIP) breast implants will, as of Monday 12th March become eligible for a Medicare rebate on MRI services that are required to assess for possible rupture of their SGBIs (Silicone Gel Breast Implant). This is due to a recent media inquest into the growing number of reported cases in ruptured implants, made by French company PIP.

At Rayscan Imaging Liverpool, we are well aware of the need for the highest accuracy possible for such a study. Our 3T MRI is equipped with a dedicated breast coil. The scan is performed by a highly qualified and experienced team who are skilled at operating the MRI and providing the best results in the shortest time with minimal discomfort for your patients.

Our Radiologists, Dr Adrian Gale and Dr Patrick Luckey are accredited and highly regarded in their field of expertise. They provide in-depth reports, quality images and fast-turnaround time on all reports to assist in an accurate diagnosis and/ or early detection of a ruptured implant. All cases are open for discussion with the Radiologists.

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