Health Care Imaging


To ensure we fully support you and your patients during the COVID-19 pandemic, Healthcare Imaging Services is now accepting Telehealth imaging requests.

This is in line with the Australian government initiative.

What is needed?

When filling out a request, the following information is required:
  • Patient information including date of birth and contact phone number
  • Examination requested and clinical history
  • Name of person making the request including
  • Provider number and practice details Date of request

Please ensure you make a record in the patient’s file that the referral has been sent

Once completed, attach and send the referral electronically by email to your state or territory below.

The patient will then be phoned by one of our staff and we will arrange the best available appointment and location.

The radiologist report and digital images will be delivered via your preferred nominated method and images will be available via InteleConnect or InelelViewer

To apply for an InteleConnect or InteleViewer account please apply here.

Important COVID-19 Update - All locations remain open